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10th Keswick Film Festival 12-15 Feb 2009
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January 2008

Festival Weekend Scoops Great Films 8th - 10th Feb

When Ken Russell told us he would not be able to come to the Festival we started to look around for other interests to bring to our programme of films with a music theme. We already are showing Control , Heime with Sigur Ros , The Singer , Seachd The Inaccessible Pinnacle and others and then we found something really different for our opening and closing films. Both films have hardly been shown except at Festivals.

The opening film is Under the Mud. The Guardian review said 'It's a triumph. The film made me howl with laughter and, at times, it made me furious that they had to do this all by themselves. The 2,000-strong audience who gave the film and its young stars a prolonged ovation would seem to agree.' ...'In fact, Under the Mud is a wonderful, magical, uplifting tale of one ordinary day in the life of an extraordinary working-class family - or vice versa. Mixing a hard-nosed cinéma vérité with animation, hallucination and one truly bizarre reimagining of Pink Floyd in a religious setting, Under the Mud is like Ken Loach on ecstasy. It's Shameless the Movie as it would love to be if it didn't have to filter its grit to middle-class taste.'

We will be showing the film and some of the writer/actors, director and producer will be here to talk about how they produced the film on a shoestring budget with a community of local young people.

The closing film on Sunday is another low budget film but quite different. It has won plaudits wherever it has been shown. We Are Together is a film about children from the Agape Orphanage in South Africa who form a choir and try to get to England. With unforgettable kids, soaring music and a plot full of surprises, We Are Together arrives as a stirring and uplifting theatrical documentary. Director Paul Taylor was a volunteer at the orphanage for three months and it was only after returning to the UK that he had the idea of shooting a film of the children. We have invited him to the Festival. Comments from critics include Bono 'an incredible piece of work', The Times "A life-affirming testament to the power of music"

Full information on the Festival can be found on the website www.keswickfilmfestival.org.
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