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10th Keswick Film Festival 12-15 Feb 2009
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Press Release

22nd January 2009

10th Anniversary Short Film Gift

At the last two Film Festivals we have had guest directors from Liverpool. In 2007 it was Roy and Sol from Hurricane Films with Under the Mud as our opening film and last year Carl Hunter had a full house for his film Grow Your Own.

Carl and Roy play in a band together and Carl and Frank Cottrell Boyce, script-writer collaborated on Grow Your Own. This year all of them are coming to the Festival, Roy and Sol as producers of Of Time & the City , the Terence Davies film, Carl to do a Q & A again with his film and Frank to do Q & As of his films Millions and Hilary & Jackie.

The short film, made in Keswick started like this, according to Carl:- 'Roy, Frank and I were in the pub one day talking about Keswick and how it is the best Film Festival and we said - let's do something for their 10th birthday - let's make them a short film.'

Carl told Ann Martin, Festival Co-ordinator , they were going to do this but she heard no more for a few months. Then a script of a short story by Frank arrived but still nothing about making the film until a week ago. She got an e-mail from Northern Soul Productions, Carl and Frank's company saying they wanted to come and make it the following weekend and could she tell them some Theatre Companies. With the help of the Keswick Drama Group and the drama course at Cumbria University about 14 people were rustled up for auditions the following week , a bus was hired for the set and filming happened the next weekend. So the film has been made entirely with local non-professional actors, filmed in the area.

Over the next couple of weeks filming will be finished and the film put together. Cumbria Tourism were keen to be involved as the film is shot in and around Keswick and it is likely to be on their website in the future. Also Carl and Frank will be sending it to other Film Festivals and of course it will be premiered at the 10th Keswick Film Festival.

Everyone involved had a great time filming on the bus and seeing how a low budget film could be put together. One of the messages in the making of the film, say Carl and the photographer, Clare, is that film-makers should not shy away from making low budget, short timescale films, if the idea is right and the story is sound it doesn't have to have a Hollywood style budget.

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