Keswick Film Festival

Saturday 26th March 11:00 AM - Alhambra

Where is Anne Frank

Director: Ari Folman Country: Belgium
Cert: PG Year: 2021 Length: 99 minsLanguage: English
2022 Festival
Where is Anne Frank

Audience Reaction

Score: 70.27% Attendance: 40


A pre-release of a film not seen before in Cumbria, from the acclaimed Director of Walz with Bashir.

Kitty, the imaginary girl to whom Anne Frank wrote her famous diary, comes to life in the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Her memories reawakened by reading the diary, believing that if she's alive, Anne must be alive as well, she sets out on a quest to find Anne. We follow Kitty as she travels across Europe and back to Anne Frank's time, armed with the precious book, in search of her beloved friend.

Thanks to Altitude Films


The superb animation Where Is Anne Frank by Ari Folman is a standout gem.



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