Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 4th December 5:00 PM

Bullet Boy

Director: Saul Dibb Country: UK
Cert: 15 Year: 2005 Length: 89 mins
Autumn 2005

Audience Reaction

Score: 78.28% Attendance: 89


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Ex-offender Ricky (rapper Ashley Walters in an outstanding debut) has barely re-entered the volatile environment of his East London council estate when he is reluctantly sucked into a vicious circle of petty rows, threats, gun violence and recrimination. The catalyst being. . . a broken wing mirror. Such mundane realism defines this feature debut of documentary maker Dibb, who has rejected the usual flashy and clichéd trappings of the genre to tell a tragic story of how a family is destroyed when guns enter their otherwise unexceptional lives.

Dibb has produced a work of superior, committed and responsible storytelling.

Dave Calhoun, Time Out


the nearest British Cinema has come to the power and honesty of Boyz N the Hood...
The Observer, Film of the Week

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