Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 27th November 5:00 PM

In Your Hands

Director: Annette K Olesen Country: Denmark
Cert: 15 Year: 2004 Length: 100 minsLanguage: Subtitles
Autumn 2005

Audience Reaction

Score: 78.52% Attendance: 99


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A deeply moving film that has touched audiences wherever it has been shown. A new pastor, Anna, is sent for her first assignment to a women's prison, where she encounters both Kate, whose life story and reputation for disturbing powers affect her profoundly, and Henrik whose position as prison official should guard him against romantic attachments...

Following Dogme principles, director Annette Olesen probes perceptively the themes of religion, friendship, love, desire for (and experience of) maternity, shedding light on the most painful corners of human existence and constructing a heady, devastating climax. Brilliant cinema.


I was impressed by its blazingly emotional story and tremendous performances
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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