Keswick Film Festival

Saturday 12th April 8:15 PM - Theatre By The Lake

No Country for Old Men

Director: Coen Brothers Country: USA
Cert: 15 Year: 2007 Length: 122 mins
2008 Festival
No Country for Old Men

Audience Reaction

Score: 70.37% Attendance: 163


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The Coens' latest, and some say their best (well, just look at the four Oscars it’s garnered), is part-thriller set in a blood-soaked Texas, and part-character study, exquisitely adapting Cormac McCarthy's novel. Tommy Lee Jones is the lawman subtly portraying a vain attempt to bring morality to bear on evil; Josh Brolin is the small-time crook who stumbles on two million dollars, which proves a lot harder to hang on to than to find; and Javier Bardem is the ruthless bounty-hunter with a dark line in cynicism and skill in killing people with a cattle stungun.

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This movie is a masterful evocation of time, place, character, moral choices, immoral certainties, human nature and fate.
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

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