Keswick Film Festival

Saturday 12th April 5:30 PM - Studio (TBTL)

Grow Your Own

Director: Richard Laxton Country: UK
Cert: PG Year: 2007 Length: 97 mins
2008 Festival
Grow Your Own

Audience Reaction

Score: 80.41% Attendance: 96


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Written by Carl Hunter and Frank Cottrell Boyce (one of Britain's greatest screenwriters and responsible for most of Michael Winterbottom's recent successes) this amusing story tells of a traumatised asylum seeker from China who's given an allotment to help him integrate, in the midst of a group of prejudiced and eccentric Brits – growers trying to sell out to a mobile phone company. This is a subtle look at the changing face of working-class society as it faces up to the phenomenon of ethnic immigration, called by Mark Kermode 'an amiable post-East Is East social comedy that uses the tensions on a Northern allotment as a paradigm for multicultural Britain.'

Carl Hunter will be here to introduce and discuss his film

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