Keswick Film Festival

Saturday 18th February 4:15 PM - Theatre By The Lake

Everything Is Illuminated

Director: Liev Schreiber Country: USA
Cert: 12 Year: 2005 Length: 106 minsLanguage: English
2006 Festival
Everything Is Illuminated

Audience Reaction

Score: 82.64% Attendance: 87


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Jonathan (Elijah Wood) is seeking the woman who saved his Ukrainian grandfather from the Nazis. He hires Alex, a Ukrainian, whose family specializes in "tours of dead Jews", to help him on his search. Alex's grandfather (also called Alex) is the driver, although he claims to be blind and insists on going everywhere with his "seeing eye bitch," Sammy Davis Junior Junior. Whimsical and devastating, hilarious and poignant, beginning in goofiness and ending in silence and memory: truly, at the end, everything is illuminated.

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