Keswick Film Festival

Sunday 20th February 2:00 PM - Alhambra

The Real Howard Spitz

Director: Country: UK/Canada
Cert: PG Year: 1998 Length: 98 minsLanguage: English
2000 Festival
The Real Howard Spitz


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Kelsey Grammar, Amanda Donohoe, Genevieve Tessier
The winning film as selected by the all-children panel at Belfast's Cinemagic Film Festival '98. Howard Spitz (Kelsey Grammar of Frazier) writes really bad detective novels and hardly sells any at all. He decides to try his hand at children's books with the help of a 10 year-old girl he meets in the local library. His problems start when he becomes a success and can't cope with the fame. A great buddy movie but with a different angle.

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