Keswick Film Festival

Friday 27th February 12:30 PM - Theatre By The Lake

Excuse My French

Director: Amr Salama Country: Egypt
Cert: 12A Year: 2014 Length: 99 minsLanguage: Arabic
2015 Festival
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Audience Reaction

Score: 58.93% Attendance: 104


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Described as a dark comedy, Excuse My French centres on Hany Abdullah Peter Soussa (Ahmed Dash), a young Egyptian Copt boy, who, after tragically losing his devoted and influential father, is uprooted from private education and enrolled in a state school. Overwhelmed by this new dog eat dog environment, Hany is mistaken for a Muslim by pupils and teachers alike and, for fear of being ostracised by his new peers, decides not to correct them on their assumption.

Director Amr Salama's screenplay for the film survived four rejections by the Egyptian censor of three successive governments before the final cut was approved for filming.

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