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Saturday 23rd February 2pm, The Alhambra
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The 2013 Osprey Short Film Awards took place during the 14th Keswick Film Festival on Saturday 23rd February. Twelve short films were shown to a packed audience in The Alhambra Cinema. A panel of judges consisting of Carl Hunter, Clare Heney, Stephen Brown and Tom Rennie selected three films in each category which were presented with the Gold, Silver and Bronze Osprey Awards by festival patron John Hurt. The audience also voted and selected the winner of the Audience Award from all twelve films.

“I feel it's very important for those of us who are established in films to make sure that we put ourselves out to encourage the next link in the chain. It's not difficult to put oneself out and it was greatly enjoyable watching their films and sharing their pleasure at the awards.”

John Hurt, 2012

2013 Winners

Golden Osprey

Romance of the Skies
John Hamlett (4 mins)
Romance of the Skies

Music video for indie pop band 'This Sporting Life' which follows the adventures and misadventures of a pioneer air pilot as he attempts to fly round the world

Silver Osprey

From Lakeside to Mountain Top
Tracey Walker (9 mins 58 secs)
From Lakeside to Mountain Top

A short documentary highlighting the work of Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team.

Bronze Osprey

Ewan Dyer (6 mins 12 secs)

A short, thought-provoking film that explores everyday occurrences which shape our landscape today. The film is portrayed through a mixture of original video footage, timelapses and soundtrack.

Under 18 Golden Osprey

Matthew Wood & Heather Smith (6 mins 13 secs)

This film involves a girl trapped in a dream-like world which is constantly changing. In an attempt to escape she follows a hooded figure who she struggles to reach.

Under 18 Silver Osprey

The Orb
Signal Films (8 mins 42 secs)

An apocalyptic film set in a meeting that is taking place between members of YALT (Young Adult Leadership Team). They discuss how to 'progress' the situation they have been left in following the disappearance of all the adults after the discovery of a mysterious alien device.

Under 18 Bronze Osprey

Adam Pickford (5 mins 56 secs)

A POW escapes from the crimes committed at a camp, he must confront the harsh conditions of the mountains and out-run the evil that pursues him.

Audience Award

New Deal
John Lebbon (8 mins 30 secs)
New Deal

We follow two out of work lads as they get put on a feel good job-seekers course with two patronising instructors.

Patron's Pick

During the prize giving John Hurt gave a personal thank you to the makers of Believe and said it was a really smart short film.

“Believe is clearly made by someone who has a real feel for cinema, and an understanding of the language of film - congratulations. I look forward to your next piece.”

John Hurt
Richard Addlesee (2 mins 20 secs)

A little girl takes matters into her own hands and leaves home for what could be the last time.

Under 18 Runners Up

The Revier's Curse
William Howard School (5 mins 9 secs)

An internet ghost hunter investigates a story of love and innocence, judgement and curses.

Open Category Runners Up

Corby the Two Penny Village
David Robinson (9 mins 45 secs)

The film tells the story of the viaduct built in 1834 and the foot bridge linking Wetheral to Corby, together with the toll imposed on locals who had to cross.

King Lecturer Alkebulani
Oliver Theakston & Joyce Lok Yeng Law (3 mins 3 secs)

King Lecturer Alkebulani, an artist making his living by selling his sculptures and jewellery made from cutlery and recycled materials across the UK, describes his unique outlook on life and the dream that drives his work.

Tracey Walker (4 mins)

A little orphan who has a penchant for trouble realises that her imagination can set her free.


Prizes will be awarded in each category as follows:

  • First Prize: £200
  • Second Prize: £100
  • Third Prize: £50

Prizes subject to change



  • The Eleutheromaniac and the Nostalgic The Eleutheromaniac and the Nostalgic Under 19 Winner
  • Mourning

    Mourning Open Winner 2016


  • Perception Perception Under 19 Winner
  • A Bit More Sleep A Bit More Sleep Audience & Open Winner 2015


  • Animals Animals Under 19 Winner
  • Little Chamonix Little Chamonix Open Category Winner 2014

Previous Winners


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