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Sunday 8th January 5:00 PM

Hunt for the Wilderpeople 

Director: Taika Waititi Country: New Zealand
Cert: 12A Year: 2016 Length: 101 mins
Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Programme Notes

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Audience Reaction

Score: 89.97% Attendance: 196




I always tell people that there is no such thing as a movie everyone will like but maybe this is the exception that proves the rule. We start the season with the small movie that has somehow swept the world.

Ricky is a troubled and troubling young orphan who has finally nowhere left to be fostered but a couple living in the middle of nowhere. Bella takes him in, Hec wants nothing to do with him. Trouble soon strikes again, and Ricky goes off into the bush to hide, where Hec tracks him down. But… the world sets out on a massive manhunt to track the two down and they are forced to flee...

What follows is a road movie with no roads; part comedy, part buddy movie, part coming of age, the two wise crack their way through the film, winning each other over, and us along with them.
Sam Neill plays Hec, but it is Ricky, played by Julian Dennison, who steals the show. "There's brilliant chemistry between Dennison and Neill, the pair quite obviously bouncing off each other; a joy to watch on screen, and as the story progresses you begin to feel like a member of their special pack, gleefully part of the adventure" – Jack Shepherd, Independent.

AND we get to go on a tramp in the amazing Kiwi lucky can we get?



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