Keswick Film Festival

Friday 26th February 2:00 PM - Theatre By The Lake

The World Unseen

Director: Shamim Sharif Country: South Africa/UK
Cert: 12 Year: 2007 Length: 94 mins
2010 Festival
The World Unseen

Audience Reaction

Score: 64.29% Attendance: 71


In 1950’s South Africa, apartheid is just beginning. Free-spirited Amina has broken all the rules of her own conventional Indian community in South Africa by running a cafe, a ‘grey area’ for those who fall outside the strict ‘black and white’ rules of the apartheid-led government. Long accustomed to the racial barriers of the country and its new laws, Madeleine and Jacob share a budding attraction. Miriam, on the other hand, is a doting mother to her children and a demure and subservient wife to her chauvinistic, frustrated husband, Omar. Quietly intelligent, Miriam has never assumed that she may have choices in life. When Miriam meets Amina, their unexpected attraction throws them both off balance. Winner of 21 festival awards.

Thanks to Enlightenment Productions.