Keswick Film Festival

Friday 24th February 6:00 PM - Theatre By The Lake


Director: Gaukur Ulfarsson Country: Iceland
Cert: Year: 2010 Length: 93 minsLanguage: Icelandic
2012 Festival

Audience Reaction

Score: 70.95% Attendance: 79


The film follows the efforts of Jon Gnarr, an Icelandic comedian/TV show actor/perpetual goofball, to become Mayor of Rejkjavik. A benchmark of the excesses that lead up to the credit crunch in 2008 were the waitresses in Reykjavik who thought it was normal to afford weekend shopping trips to Milan. We all know what came next. The krona collapsed and the whole country effectively went bankrupt under the debts incurred by its over extended banks. The government took its fair share of the blame and in 2009 Gnarr launched The Best Party, a satirical political party that parodies Icelandic politics and aims to make the life of its citizens more fun. Standing in the municipal election of 2010 Gnarr promised free towels in all swimming pools, a polar bear for the Reykjavik zoo, all kinds of things for weaklings, and an incorruptible and drug-free parliament by 2020.


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